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Protect Yourself & Co-Workers - Get the Flu Shot Now

Posted on Nov 09, 2017 by Shyamala Nathan-Turner
As we move further into fall, flu season is at it’s peak in Ontario, which officially begins in October goes right the way through to April. The   Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care   defines flu or influenza as a serious disease that affects millions of Canadians every year.
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Ministry of Labour Approves F.A.S.T. Rescue for the ‘Working at Heights’ Program

Posted on Oct 30, 2017 by Shyamala Nathan-Turner
We are pleased to announce that we are a Ontario Ministry of Labour Approved Training Provider, approved to deliver the ‘ Working at Heights’ program.
Our program has been reviewed by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) and approved by the Chief Prevention Officer.
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It is National Preparedness Month! Are Your Prepared?

Posted on Sep 29, 2017 by Shyamala Nathan-Turner


“Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.”

As the theme of this year’s National Preparedness Month, it couldn’t be truer. You can never know when a disaster will strike but you can do your best to be ready when it comes, whether you are at home, at work or travelling the world.

When it comes to the workplace there are a number of ways that you can ensure that you and your colleagues are prepared for emergencies and disasters.

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Understanding Everyone’s Roles When It Comes to Workplace Health and Safety

Posted on Aug 16, 2017 by Shyamala Nathan-Turner


Ensuring health and safety in your workplace is the responsibility of everyone – employers, supervisors, owners, constructors, suppliers and workers.

While some have a much larger role to play, it is important that everyone understands their responsibilities and does everything they can to ensure themselves, and everyone around them, prevent injury as well as they can.

To help you on your way to a safer work environment, here are some of the roles and duties of people in your workplace. For the official duties of each member, see the Government of Ontario’s website and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

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Avoiding The Silent Killer – Heat Stress

Posted on Jul 31, 2017 by Shyamala Nathan-Turner


Extreme heat is a significant risk to Canadians, especially seniors, children, and those with chronic illness. Surprisingly, it’s estimated that  120 people die each year  in Toronto, from conditions caused by exposure to extreme heat. Extreme heat is called the ‘silent killer’ because it’s not a visible environmental threat like a fire or flood.

With summer is in full swing, temperatures are rising, and we are spending more and more time outside, which means we need to be on the lookout for heat stress, or heat-related illnesses.

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Working From Heights Training Requirement Extended

Posted on May 29, 2017 by Shyamala Nathan-Turner


Workers who use fall protection on a construction project must take an approved ‘working at heights’ training program.

The training is in the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Regulation, and is on top of the training requirements under the Construction Regulation.


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F.A.S.T. Rescue to Demonstrate How to Make Corporate CPR Training Fun at Partners in Prevention 2017!

Posted on Apr 26, 2017 by Shyamala Nathan-Turner


Visit Booth #929 to Experience Interactive CPR Practice System

Toronto, ON – May 2, 2017 - (www.fast-rescue.com) - F.A.S.T. Rescue, one of Canada’s leading providers of workplace safety training, with top instructors approved by the Canadian Red Cross, are excited to be demonstrating ‘How To Make Your Corporate CPR Training fun” by using an interactive CPR skills practice system, on Booth #929, at the Partners In Prevention, 2017, Health & Safety, Conference & Trade Show May 2-3, at The International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario.

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Workplace Safety and First Aid Regulations for WSIB in Ontario

Posted on Mar 17, 2017 by Shyamala Nathan-Turner


By law, all employers in the province of Ontario who are covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act must have accessible first aid equipment available to workers at all times, adequate safety training for their employees, as well as provide a safe working environment.

The different requirements that are necessary for a workplace, in regards to the First Aid Kits, training and facilities will always vary depending on how many employees are employed at the company, and on a shift during one time.

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Genie Lift Safety Notice

Posted on Mar 13, 2017 by Shyamala Nathan-Turner


There has been a safety noticed published regarding specific Genie Lift models, including GS-3232, GS-4047 and X-14. The issue is a control system malfunction, dated February 27, 2017.

The issue with the GS-3232 model is regarding a control system malfunction affecting the operator’s ability to lift and drive the machine in a safe manor. This new safety notice takes place of safety notice 120013 which was issued on October 15, 2012.

The malfunction with GS4047 and X-14 is causing the platform of the unit to lower after the controls have been released, resulting in unintended machine movement. This malfunction can result in hazardous situations for the operator and others in the area.

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How to Help When Someone Has Fainted

Posted on Feb 22, 2017 by Shyamala Nathan-Turner


You are out for the afternoon on your day off running errands. All of a sudden you notice someone is about to faint. You are the only one around to notice, so what do you do?

There is, in fact, a lot you can do to help someone who has fainted or shows signs that they are about to faint. This month’s blog is going to focus on noticing the symptoms of someone who is fainting and what to do if you catch yourself in a situation where you need to assist someone.

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