Safety Policies & Procedures

Safety Policies & Procedures

Workplace Safety Policies & Procedures

Health and safety policies and procedures are effective means for companies to demonstrate a commitment to their workers' health and safety. Senior management attitudes, relationships between employers and workers, community interests and technology all play a part in determining the importance of health and safety in the workplace. 

The FAST Rescue policy team assists our clients in developing health and safety policies and procedures.  We work closely with our clients to determine the various duties, functions and hazards in their workplaces.  With this in depth understanding of the nature of their business, FAST Rescue develops individualized health and safety policies and procedures customized to our clients' requirements.  Our policies adhere very closely to changing provicial requirements.  Annual reviews can be conducted to maintain the integrity of the health and safety program and to ensure consistent compliance to the regulations.

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Safety Policies & Procedures