JHSC Certification

The Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act requires that all workplaces with more than 20 employees have two Certified Health and Safety Committee Members; one representing the workers and the other representing management. This course is the first step in the process of becoming “Certified” by the WSIB.

This WSIB approved course is required for all workplaces of 20 or more employees. This interactive course is a necessary component for Joint Health & Safety Committee members and brings the internal responsibility system into practice. Relevant to any medium or large workplace, this course contains the most current legislation.  Delivered over a four-day period for Level 1, this program gives participants a full understanding of occupational health and safety legislation, including rights and responsibilities of workplace parties and certified representatives on joint health and safety committees in particular.

Upon the completion of the Certification Level 1 program, Joint Health & Safety Committee members are required to take the Level 2 program, which runs over two days. This program consists of industry specific training consisting of a workplace hazard assessment and training on each hazard to ensure that they are properly controlled.

Course content includes sessions in:

  • How to read and understand the Occupational Health & Safety Act and its related regulations
  • Joint Health and Safety Committees and what they are required to do
  • Understanding workplace safety
  • Understanding workplace health
  • Learn how to conduct an effective safety inspection of your workplace
  • How to conduct an Accident (Incident) Investigation

This course includes:

  • Certification Manuals
  • Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Copy of current OHSA Act
  • Copy of Guideline to JHSC
  • Copy of Guideline to the ACT
  • Records of Training and Attendance Report

Who Should Attend:

  • JHSC Members and Health and Safety Reps
  • Employers, Managers
  • Supervisors
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